The future of data is open!

#MineAlert Manager Tholakele Nene attended the International Open Data Conference (#IODC18) held in Argentina this year.

Part of an open community

NGOs and professionals in the open data space came to learn, network, and share experiences.

Impact! Impact! Impact!

The Tanzania Water Mapping System (WPMS) built by Development Gateway helps communities discern locations of functioning water points, and assists the Tanzanian government in improving service delivery.

Challenges in the open data realm

  • Concerns around data washing – when organisations are able to successfully request and receive information, but parts have been omitted. Data washing can also be when policies exist to promote information sharing, but actually getting data from the custodians remains difficult.
  • Being sent “from pillar to post” to source information with little success, and then having to rely on crowdsourcing.
  • Lack of accountability or clarity on what information is public and not.
  • Questions of platform sustainability in terms of funding.

What’s next?

The next International Open Data Conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya.




The voice of women and non-binary in #civictech #opengov and #opendata

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Open Heroines

Open Heroines

The voice of women and non-binary in #civictech #opengov and #opendata

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