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  • Matt Sawkill

    Matt Sawkill

    Making a more digital government.

  • Sarah Schacht

    Sarah Schacht

    Decade+ in #opengov, civic tech, & open data innovation. Surfer. Accidental #FoodSafety advocate/data standard expert. Author. #MeToo

  • Soila Kenya

    Soila Kenya

    Journo | Comms | Blogger | @theawjp Fellow | Student @mundusjourn @columbiajourn | 📝@qzafrica @Poynter @TheStarKenya @PesaCheck @debunkdotmedia soilakenya.com

  • Carmen Llanes Pulido

    Carmen Llanes Pulido

  • Fly Chang

    Fly Chang

  • Andrea Solís

    Andrea Solís

  • Alicja Peszkowska

    Alicja Peszkowska

    Alicja Peszkowska is a Copenhagen-based consultant, researcher, and a participation strategist focused on technology, digital culture, and social change.

  • Zaliha Lawal

    Zaliha Lawal

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